Thursday, May 9, 2013


On Tuesday, the Council of Apparent Indisputable Wisdom* convened to discuss the blog and our social media approach to the Ole Miss community and, well, the whole freakin' world.
The Council of Apparent Indisputable Wisdom (Ok, it's the League of Elders on Shazam!)

In the next few months, we'll be making some changes and tweaks so that we can reach more folks via the interwebs.

One of the first changes is that we are taking away the comm box. We asked for comments and we got them. Some are very good and helpful. It's cool to see who reads us and we appreciate intelligent feedback.

However, we also don't want Spammer McSpamSpam, Jingoistic Ooray Mad-at-the-World Guy and Crazy Harry Potter FanFic Cat Lady to dominate our discussions. So, no more comm box. It's just too hard to catch the negative stuff sometime and, really, I don't want to see your "motivated strong website to please in the pleasant experience" of India.

Silence is Golden.

*not a real thing but it sounded cool. Actually, Brad and I asked like 5 guys on our side of the table at Soulshine what they thought. The anagram doesn't spell anything dirty, so quit trying to make it do something.