Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thanks, Francis: A Rant

As a ROLE MODEL FOR AMERICA'S YOUTH, I am painfully aware of how what I say or do can affect others.

Case in point. My niece. She's 20. I'm her uncle, THE PRIEST. Holy. Mass. Confession. Jesus. Sanctity. Love. All that jive, right? Well, here's what she claims as the preeminent influence I've had on her:

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Dude who?

Ha. Made you say "doo doo".

That is about the sum of what I have done in my life-invent a pretty darn funny "doo doo knock knock" joke. I told her that joke when she was 2!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what she remembers over 18 years!

And probably during the course of my life, young people remember certain things that I personally didn't think that much of. And I regret at times they don't remember some of the great, awesome, wise things I've done. Seriously, it's happened.

Kissing feet in prison is the least creepy thing that can happen.
I mention this all to say that in my own NOSTRADAMUS like way, I predict that this pope, with all his humble and down-to-earthiness may be sending out to many "knock knocks". When you are the pope, fine, Kiss a Muslim girl's foot. Do Holy Thursday in a jail. Rock on. But then again, as things trickle down to the least of the Catholic us in the Diocese of Jackson...we can get all excited over the little piggie tickling and not very concerned or interested in the consistent teachings.

To make the point.
Some cat parked in my parking space. Me, being sort of a richard at times, parked behind him to make a point. He got out and then left a note on my windshield.  It said somethingsomethingsorrysomething and then "I AM SORRY YOU PARKED ME IN. I SEE THE EXAMPLE OF POPE FRANCIS' HUMILITY HASN'T RUBBED OFF ON YOU YET". Thanks, Francis. Thanks for not driving your own car or needing a parking space. And kissing feet. Thanks.

Another point. I saw an elderly woman in the hospital. She bragged about a priest who came to see her and he even gave her daughters (who do not practice the Faith) Communion in the hospital. She said HE WAS COMPASSIONATE to do that. Thanks, Francis.

No, Francis, really you didn't start this stuff. It was upside down before you got the job but when you do things like all the "let's love the poor and break some rules" kinda stuff, you sort of make my job tougher.

Don't get me wrong. I can kiss some Islamic feet or give Communion to non-practicing Catholics. I can do that. Sure. But then again when you are out and some other guy goes in, then we may have to follow the rules again.

And there's photos.

And with photos and evidence of me breakin' rules when it's uncool again, I'd feel like well...dude who.