Thursday, April 4, 2013

Look away, look away...

My office is only 100 yards from the Campus of Ole Miss. I see students every day. I listen to the radio and subscribe to the local newspaper.

And I read this this morning....took me by surprise but I think that's sort of the point:
This Colonel Reb has my shoes. But they're not racist. Michael Jackson had them too.
Not that Michael Jackson speaks for his race but...oh nevermind.
An eleventh-hour decision from the University of Mississippi student body judicial council last month would replace the male homecoming title of “Colonel Reb” that the school has used for decades....
“An anonymous complaint was filed and the ASB Judicial Council took the appropriate steps to hear the complaint,” [ASB Judicial Chair Courtney]Pearson told the Daily Mississippian. “We followed the appropriate guidelines that we could have according to the most current Codes and Constitution. The decision is final.”

To add fuel to the fire, exiting ASB president, Kim Dandridge tweeted:

Y'all tweeted racist slurs? I's like it's 1957 but with Twitter. Please, grow up and behave folks.

Furthermore, if there were racist tweets, then those of you who tweeted kinda made your point and the ASB, to a degree, justified.

No matter, you probably won't be voted Miss Ole Miss or Mr. Ole Miss or whatever they call you.

Or I'd hope not.