Thursday, April 25, 2013


The great Hannah Montana (oh, Miley, what has come of you?) used to be a master of the "somethingsomethingsaywhat?" response. Case in point:

Genius...and then she goes on to do something like "LOL". Sigh.

The trick, of course, is to get the person to say "what" and then that person takes ownership of the slur you shoved into the quote. Like "oversized sweatshirt buying daddy".

It seems that this has taken on with the latest affront to decent conversation and debate concerning moral issues. However, it's more insidious. If you even begin to say something that is contrary to those who oppose the Catholic teachings, then you MUST BE A BIGOT, oversized sweatshirt buying or not.

If you say, "The ability to procreate is fundamental to marriage" then the response is "Procreationsupportingmedievalmindsettrollsaywhat?" If you say, "Homosexual activity is disordered to the natural end of sexual expression", then you get "Missionarypositionsupportingprudishselfloathingclosetedqueensaywhat?"

It isn't like that exactly, but close.

Fr. Barron has it right here.