Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patrick's Day Special

As a priest in a fraternity of predominantly Irish priests, I am often subject to the timeless humor of the Irish clergy.
Here's a taste of the kind of HILARIOUS shenanigans you'll hear at the rectory dinner table or during a round of golf on Monday!

At St. Mary's, there were two priests with red hair, Fr. Sean Flanagan and Fr. Liam Kelly. We called them Red and Redder. We never knew which was which!

Fr. Joseph McLarty was moved to St. Joseph the Worker. We joked that since he got there it would be St. Joseph the Loafer. He liked to play golf a bit and never let nothin' get to him.

Fr. Paul Garraghty got a sweater for his birthday. We told him that the woman that gave it to him was a bit fresh on him. He never wore the sweater!

Monsignor Cunnife was a bit of a scrupe so we sent him a Vicoria's Secret catalog to get a rise out of him. He put it in a brown bag and threw it in the neighbor's trash. We laughed because he may be getting one a month! That neighbor's garbage will be filled.

Fr. Dan Toolan said that he was a wee bit bored waiting on his lunch and he began to read a bit. He said what he read was pretty good. The vicar asked, "Was it the Bible?"  Because we joke that he didn't read the Bible. He does but we joke about it.

Fr. Denam took some kids to a Rod Stewart concert when he was a campus chaplain. The big song was "Do You Think I'm Sexy" and Denam was so worried he told the kids, "STOP YOUR EARS! STOP YOUR EARS!"  Got a big rise out of him!

Fr. Egan O'Gould got internet. We call him Fr. O'Google now because of the computer he has. It has Google in it.

Happy St. Patrick's!