Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Confess-athon Accomplished!

The Reconciliation Room. Tissues in abundance.
For the tears of joy. And the boogers of serenity.
I could have been jerky and taken a shot of the lines of penitents for the Confess-athon but then that's sort of a seal-breaking thing, so I refrained.

We had about 80 folks for the BIG EVENT. 3 priests. Doing my mathing, I'd figure that's 26.6 people per priest. What a .6 person looks like I don't know. They go behind the screen.

So, 26.6 people in 2 hours among 3 priests is 13.3 people an hour. One penitent is traveling from Chicago heading west at 120 miles per hour and the priest is.... Oh. Sorry. Got my math-quizzling hat on.

 I know each of us was busy absolving. My own barometer was my inability to get any Bubble-shooter theological reading in.

One priest said one of my brother priests mentioned that so many people go to Confession here because I guilt them.
Yep, maybe. Guilt is a heckuva motivator. I go when I'm guilty. I should go more.

 Of the penitents, a good number of them were college students. That's right. Young people go to Confession. Or in Oxford anyway. And before anyone makes a snarky remark about the amount of sin college students commit, I must say, that the sins from our kids? Pretty boring sins. Surely worthy of confession but nothing that makes me wash my brain after.

Nonetheless sin but kinda "meh".

Fr. Scott remarked that most of the penitents knew their formulas and acts of contrition.

Of course, I guilted them into knowing it.