Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Praying Liturgy of the Hours this morning I especially enjoyed the Intercessions and wanted to share them with y'all and give you the opportunity to pray them too.

Today our Savior was presented in the temple. Let us adore him as we say:
-Lord, may our eyes see your saving power.

Christ Jesus, in obedience to the law, you desired to be presented to your Father in the temple,
teach us to offer ourselves to the Father with you in your Church’s sacrifice.
-Lord, may our eyes see your saving power.

Jesus, comforter of Israel, Simeon, the just man, took you into his arms when you came to the temple,
help us to welcome you in our brothers and sisters.
-Lord, may our eyes see your saving power.

Jesus, desire of nations, Anna the prophetess spoke of you to all who were awaiting Israel’s redemption,
help us to proclaim you in our words and actions to all who yet yearn for your salvation.
-Lord, may our eyes see your saving power.

Lord Jesus, cornerstone of God’s kingdom, you were destined to be a sign that is rejected,
be for those who acknowledge you the source of rising to new life.
-Lord, may our eyes see your saving power.


I'm not completely sure why I liked these prayers so much. Maybe because I was already in a good mood when a group of 9 of us ate at Lusa this morning, went to go pay our bills and found out the two gentlemen at the table next to us (who left before we knew happened) covered all of our meals.

I don't know if it was the women in our group, the fact the blessed before we ate, or just out of the awesome kindess of their heart. Man do I love the South.