Thursday, January 3, 2013

This is real

Here is a video that has been popping up all over the Catholic Blogosphere lately.

With lyrics like not listening to St Paul, still glowing after excommunication, other churches "schoomzing" them, etc. you may be inclined to think its a parody of people who think that women should be allowed to be ordained priests for the Catholic Church.


Its a parody of one of the most popular pop songs of 2012 but the people, the dancing, the lyrics, the message- that is real.

"You know, this video really made me rethink my opinion on women ordination"- No. One. Ever.

Ok I should just stop now and lead you too a better response to this video by Marc Barnes over at Bad Catholic- Why The Catholic Priesthood Is Composed of Dudes.

And if you need another laugh, cant go wrong with Eye of the Tiber.