Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Whenever someone hears that I'm from Greenville, the response is "Good ol' Delta boy!" Well, yes, by birth. But the typical Delta boy is more the huntin', fishin', farmin', Sigma Chi at Ole Miss and marries the homecoming queen to settle down in his plantation home in a town named for his great-great-grandaddy where he goes about fishin' huntin' and so on.
I'm not much of that.

And I don't own a gun. I've maybe shot a gun once or twice. I winged a bird one time and felt like HELL for doing it. I can still see it fall. Awful.

All said and done, the gun control argument going on now is a bit tiring. Especially when the focus is on the so called causes: having guns, making guns, shooting guns, video games with guns, violent music and violent movies.

Oh please. Really? I admit, a bit of Max Payne 3 can take the edge off a day but I don't wanna shot anyone. Really. I still remember that poor bird. How could I do that to someone? Someone real anyway. Video game zombies, not a problem.

Anyway, some Hollywood stars have come out outraged with guns and violence.

And this rather brilliant response:

I can't wait to see Taratino's next movie where people tickle each other instead of shooting, bombing and maiming one another :"Django UNARMED!". Box. Office. Gold!