Friday, January 4, 2013

Catholic Dorms: The Ridge Orientem?

Dorm Life without Catholicism
Yeah, so Brad and I really get excited when the CCM gets a booth at orientation that's not next to the Not-religious-but-wearing-Buddhist-symbol shirt society.
But to get a WHOLE DORM for Catholic students? We got some work to do...

 The residence halls at both campuses are meant to have all the standard amenities of dorm life, as well as a Catholic chapel for celebration of Mass and reservation of the Blessed Sacrament.
Zerrusen echoed Fr. Bailey's vision that the dorms are to be places welcoming of the Catholic faith, but at the same time balancing this with freedom for students, and not forcing anything upon them.

“We're not forcing anyone to go to church or even forcing them to talk about their faith … we are simply presenting a positive environment where students have the opportunity to make decisions based in sound Christian principle .”
And that's not all!

The dorms are meant to have a stricter alcohol policy and visiting hours than other dorms, with dorm rooms separated for the sexes and “obviously” a strict overnight guest policy.

Yeah, that'll take some time.