Thursday, December 27, 2012

St. John the Divine and Choco Vine

Today is the Feast of St. John the Evangelist. Of the graphics ("attributes") that I like the most, St. John's symbol with the snake slithering out of the chalice is one of my favorites.

A description of the above painting tells the story:
Saint John the Evangelist is depicted holding a chalice, an allusion to his being put to the test by the high priest of the Temple of Diana at Ephesus. The high priest said to him: "If you want me to believe in your god, I will give you some poison to drink and, if it does not harm you, it means that your god is the true God." Thus the picure shows Saint John making the gesture of blessing which was to neutralize the poison escaping from the chalice in the form of a small two-headed dragon. He was then able to drink the potion, according to the legend. The story was popularized through the Golden Legend of Jacobus de Voragine, but was inspired by the words of the Gospels. In St. Matthew, Jesus says to St. John and his brother: "You shall indeed share my cup." And in St. Mark's Gospel, the risen Christ sends his apostles out into the world promising them, among other things, protection against poison: "Faith will bring with it these miracles . . . if believers drink any deadly poison, they will come to no harm.
Choco Vine would be a great name for a disco band. If this was 1977, I would name my band that.
This year I was given a gift of chocolate wine! I didn't know that such a thing existed. And why does it exist? Turns out that, it's kind of popular. Where was this when I was younger and romancin'? I mean instead of chocolates AND wine, one stop shopping. Wow. The 21st century is marvelous.
All the same, I don't drink (anymore...long story..and it involves a baby possum so I won't say much) so I passed it on to my sister-in-law who truly enjoyed it. A lot.

Happy St. John's Day and if you're in the Oxford area on Sunday, I'll bless your wine for you during our morning Masses. Bring a bottle or case. Even a box o' wine, if you're classy like that.

Wine coolers get a slight pass but really, wouldn't you rather be bitten by a snake?