Monday, December 17, 2012

Rose to the Occasion

Someone said a high-ranking diocesan sacramental minister speaking during the Eucharistic service yesterday, the third Sunday of Advent, said "this Sunday used to be Gaudete Sunday and priests wore pink but thank God they did away with that."

Who is this "they"?

BEHOLD! This is me in my rose vestment prior to the 5:00pm Mass last evening.
I shoulda popped the collar and been all 2008 hip.
And here's the more photogenic and youthful Fr. Matthew Simmons baptizing a baby yesterday.
Brookhaven people dress up for Baptisms like Oxford people do!
Advent is a "little Lent" and the color of the fourth week echoes the same use of rose during Lent for "laetare Sunday". During either of these penitential seasons, there is the promise of joy.

Rose, the color, is associated with joy and if you've ever been sent roses, you probably have felt joy.

And I've said too much.

Rose is manly, dammit. Shut up.