Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Saints Day: For English, press 1 now

Something curious caught my eye when I looked at my calendar today.

Two Mass times for today. Not much else to speak of. A doctor's appointment next week. So, kinda normal. Nothing odd. But upon closer inspection...

All Saint's Day (M). Which means, All  Saints Day is a Feast Day in Mexico. Which I am sure it is. But just Mexico?

Because on the SAME calendar, I see this.
 An Islamic "feast" day on the 15th of October. No "M".  No country at all. Just there. For everyone.

And looking a month ahead, just to see if another Catholic feast is considered "M" too...
Phew. Still there for all of us.

I won't go all conspiracy, right-wing nut or anything but have to say, "At-A-Glance Calendar makers, USA Catholics honor their feast days. Ok, just to be politically correct and in line with the narrative: USA Catholics honor their feast days...too."

Aye, Dios mio.

It's also on my At-A-Glance Day Planner!