Monday, November 26, 2012

2012 Catholic Campus Ministry Jane Cassisa Award Winner

The Jane Cassisa Scholarship Award: Jane Cassisa (l), Taylor Baronich and Paul Cassisa
 The Jane Cassisa Scholarship Award is a $2,500.00 award given to a full-time student at Ole Miss who is active in the Faith.
This semester's winner was Taylor Baronich.

Taylor is a member of St. Richard Parish in Jackson and a graduate of Auburn University. She currently attend the School of Law at Ole Miss (L-1) and is active in our Catholic Campus Ministry by participating in the Fall Retreat, attending Good Cheer, Rosary walks and serving as Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

During her time at Auburn she developed an interest in Hispanic ministry. She founded an immigrant-outreach program there and joined organizations that promoted justice for immigrants.

Her post-graduate ideals include working for the Legal Division of a Hispanic Apostolate for a Catholic diocese while continuing her spiritual journey through marriage and a family.

Congratulations, Taylor!