Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Judgement House

Brad's post below mentions "Judgement Houses" or "Hell Houses" that Fundamentalist Christians sponsor in lieu of God-forsaken Haunted Houses. As you learned, Judgement Houses are NOT sorority houses while discussing the pledge class. ZING!

 His picture depicting a scene from one of the houses is a tame one. That's the good ending for souls who are obedient to the Lord and read the Bible. They become a happy family of what appears to be Romulans from Star Trek or get to participate in the most awkward toga party of all.

As a service to you, here's the GOOD STUFF from Judgement Houses and Hell Houses. Feast your eyes...MUHAHAHAHHA!

Here's some commentary and a photo from behind the scenes of the Judgement Room:
Mason, one of the hooded demons - he was also in the Judgement Room scene & they wanted plain black faces on them in there. We just did straight black on him & then set it with black powder. It stayed really well, even with all the sweat & the hoods rubbing up against them all night.

From a Memphis blog:
From Dating Jesus:

Darth Maul beats up a girl. Read the Bible or he'll get you too!
Scenes from the movie Hell House (Netflix has it):

Yeah..this will really scare people. Scare 'em soooo hot. Soo slow. What times Confession?
Another cheerleader screaming. This time, Dr. Wolverine botches an abortion.
And another site includes photos and commentary from the actor:
You know...the hardest part that I remember about this scene was that I always died a full
minute before the lights went out and had to hold my breath so that the sheet covering
my body wouldn't move - Fortunately, years of swimming helped out. StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter
Years of swimming? What about YEARS OF PRAYING AND GOING TO YOUTH GROUP? Totally missed the narrative.

War is Hell. Especially under fluorescent lighting

And finally, this photo says volumes:

I can imagine this being like the youth pastor in some church portraying some bad-ass mean dude who realizes that for all his shaved head, Wal-Mart skeleton wearing badness, he's probably going to hell. And then he cries like some widdle girl. 

I agree, youth pastor cool dude.

Major double-facepalm for Judgment House. And also, just fyi, Affliction shirts are for lame 40 year olds. Fake Affliction shirts probably are some kind of sin somewhere.