Friday, September 7, 2012

Gosh A'mighty!

Take it from J. Wright: A big difference between God damning something...
And Gosh damning something. A Gosh damn is like being stuck in plaid and stung by a bee.

I was no more worked up about the Democratic platform omitting/deleting/ "God" from their platform than I would be if the Republicans did the same thing. Saying "God" won't make you "godly" no more than saying "Shazam" will make you Captain Marvel. Really, I've tried. Never works.

You know where else "God" is omitted? Yep. In the Ole Miss "Hotty Toddy" chant.

One one hand, there are several references to the opening lines saying:

"Hotty Toddy, GOD ALMIGHTY, who the Hell are we?"

Then there are other translations that take GOD out and add "GOSH":

"Hotty Toddy, GOSH A'MIGHTY, who the Hell are we?"

Hmm...and then there is also an omission in some translations of the word "Hell" replaced by "Heck". Furthermore, some chants end by taking out the word "God" and substituting "by".

And yet, the Rebel Nation seems to get along, by damn!

If only the rest of the country were like us.