Friday, September 21, 2012

Follow Me

St. Matthew the tax collector (but looks sort
or like an accountant).
Today is the Feast of St. Matthew. Matthew is one of the apostles and thought to be the author of the Gospel of Matthew.
The Gospels tell of Matthew, in some accounts he is called "Levi", sitting at his post as a tax collector. Tax collectors were banned from the Jewish temple due to their practice of charging high interests and profiting from it. They also were in collusion with the Roman authorities which put them outside the Jewish community.

Jesus walks by Matthew's post and says, "Follow me" and Matthew does. Really. It's just like that. Like something you'd see in a 90's video game. No questions. No hesitation. Just gets up and follows.

Some tales have filled in the blanks. I've read stories that have Matthew meeting Jesus a few times and finally giving in to the invitation.

Regardless, the invitation is important.

Remember this. Jesus never quits inviting. It can be annoying, troubling, confounding, confusing and bothersome at times but he never quits. His invitation to follow isn't time sensitive.

We also can refuse the invitation as much as we wish. But unlike Christ's invitation, our lives ARE time sensitive. We have expiration dates.

Now, here's Lego and Comic Sans font: