Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More about this Katie Holmes thing

Sometimes I gotta just back off the keyboard
When I heard about the divorce pending between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, I questioned why this was put on the same lineup of news briefs such as "Obamacare Passes Supreme Court" and "Fires Devastate Colorado". In other words, I didn't think it involved me.

It doesn't.

But the coming back to the Church thing intrigued me. So I wrote about it.

So did one of my daily reads, The Crescat.

She gets some really cool folks responding with thoughtful takes on her posts. Even Deacon Greg Kandra who posts on his blog The Deacon's Bench is a regular. It was Deacon Kandra's comments concerning the snarky comments about Holmes' choice of parishes that  really hit me. He says:

Okay.  Let's recap.  
20-something Catholic girl marries 40-something former Catholic-turned-Scientology megazillionaire superstar and spends five years living in a fishbowl, dangerously close to something widely perceived as a cult.  This young woman finally decides "Enough" and wants out.  Among other things, she wants to go back to the faith she knew.  
She finds a parish in New York City that is welcoming, affirming, consoling -- and that gives her what she needs right now.  She doesn't have to feel like the opening act of a freak show anymore.  She can regain some sense of sanity and, maybe, joy.  She can have her daughter baptized and teach her to pray and maybe even take her to Sunday school.  She can volunteer for its soup kitchen or sing in the choir.  She can rediscover what it means to be 'catholic' and 'Catholic.'
Most importantly, the former Mrs. Cruise will be able to avail herself of the sacraments,  reconnect with her faith and gain the sustenance and strength and GRACE that can only come from receiving the Eucharist.  She can heal.  She can begin again.  She can make a new start, and do it in the Catholic Church -- maybe not in a parish you might choose, but one where she feels accepted and welcomed and loved.  Katie's coming home.  And this isn't good enough?  Really? 

Well said.

And really, I know I get all edgy and uppity when it comes to the manner and mission of some Catholic parishes but they can't be too bad because some bishop lets them continue and moreso, Pope Benedict hasn't SMACKDOWNED them. Peering beyond the veil of Oxford, a good significant number of parishes favor the one Holmes' registered for than not. As the deacon mentioned, it is there that she will bring her child, hopefully, and "go back to the faith she knew".

So, indeed, this is a time of rejoicing.

Up and down on the couch rejoicing.