Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reason Invades New Orleans!

New Orleans has survived battles.
New Orleans has survived hurricanes.
New Orleans is now being attacked by...LOGIC AND REASON!

Or supposedly.

The New Orleans Secular Humanist Association is the host of the 71st Annual American Humanist Association Conference down in the Crescent City. The fun begins tomorrow.

In anticipation of the event, NOSHA's site even posted that "the City" proclaimed last month a DAY OF REASON NEW ORLEANS.

Nevermind that this is purported to be a "Catholic city" and probably more than one of those who signed this document are Catholics. Nevermind that.

Nevermind that the crowd who are attending the event are mostly the same ilk as those who attend National Catholic Educators conferences or Deanery V meetings (but admittedly, there are more young 'uns in the Humanist group). Nevermind that either.

What gets me is this photo of perhaps the Streetcar named Desire:

Folks! If the Saints can't go marchin' in...then I fear we'll be left with this:

Awkward white people moving down Bourbon Street surrounded by moderately happy white people.

We like our New Orleans occluded and mystical. Not reasonable and responsible. Atheists and Humanists, march in but make sure you march on out.

That's a priest in all that Treme stuff. God bless New Orleans.