Thursday, May 10, 2012

That Seventies Church

Our parish celebrates it's 70th year of existence today.

Brad has already given a very good history of the parish. Shooting a few decades into the future, the heady 70's arrived and as with most of the western world, a cultural change came to St. John's.

Reflecting on our 70th, here are some shots of St. John's from the 1970's:

Fr. David O'Connor in a swank jacket sits with a couple of groovy kids circa. 1974.
In the seventies, people looked at paper and smiled a lot.

St. John's redesigned by Fr. O'Connor
If you squint you can see the crucifix and the risen Jesus on the wall.
Looks like a rockin' Jesus song fest in the rectory. 
Before that was considered creepy.
Chic little vino party in the parish hall. Wait...what the...? providing ambience...for the mod squad. And
it's like signaling the real presence of...maybe..Columbo on the television. Ugh!

Ok, that's enough. Let's zoom up to the present day.

Hey, Tabernacle Lamp. We noticed you sitting there with a fern stuck in you. We noticed.

And we took you home. You're home, baby. And if you're asking about the tabernacle in the picture above. Oh, that's so 2010.

It's home too. Right now. Right in the middle.

Happy Birthday, St. John the Evangelist Oxford! Here's to many more!