Monday, May 21, 2012

Hammer Time

On this day, in 1972, Laszlo Toth, a Hungarian scientist took a  hammer to Michelangelo's Pieta and did some major damage to the image of Mary in St. Peter's Basilica. Before he was stopped, he'd knocked off her arm and nose. He was apprehended while proclaiming, "I am Jesus Christ, risen from the dead!"

If that's not weird enough, there's video!

Toth was never charged as a criminal but treated for mental illness. After a duration in a mental hospital, he was released and deported to Australia. Some speculation is being made on his whereabouts to this day.
Laszlo Toth aka Jesus
Let's do some speculating of our own. Smashing up an icon of the faith in the 70's? Claiming to speak for the Risen Christ? Moving to Australia? I think he's currently enjoying life as either a bishop or liturgical consultant.
Pieta circa 2000 AD. Toth was too soon...