Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Horror Comics

I forgot this old Marvel comic from the 70's.

The story was that some sinister group of Gays had taken over every single institution in the world and forced people to gay marry. Romita did the art, if I remember correctly.

There was a harrowing scene where a priest was sitting in his office and the gays came in and were all "YOU GOTTA MARRY GAYS!" and he was all, "NO I DON'T!" and then they grabbed him and forced him to gay-marry people and then the Pope said, "OH NO! YOU HAVE MARRIED GAY PEOPLE! THEY ARE NOW HOLY MARRIED GAY!" And the priest was all, "AGGHHH!" and the gays were all "HAHAH! WE GOT SACRAMENTS AND NOW WE WANT WOMEN ORDAINED!" and the Pope was all "RAWWWRR! I'VE BEEN HAD!"
...and at the end the Devil ate his face off.

Really amazing stuff.

Oh, wait. That didn't happen. Ever. And it won't happen in real life.

If you persist in arguments that are based in delusion, I will comic-book you.