Saturday, March 31, 2012


This just in
"Tell Joey the Ratz that I'll dialogue and to come heavy."
Vatican officials traveled this week to the island of Sicily, the heartland of the Mafia, to promote the church's role in fighting organized crime.

What? Oh man! Gonna go all Punisher on the Cosa Nostra?
Baddabing! Wait...does that mean that somehow we priests are supposed to join the fight? 'Cause I slap like a girl and scream when someone puts me in ropes and concrete slippers. You do that once...

Oh, hold on...there's more:
The Vatican says it wants to show that the best way to respond to the Mafia is through the promotion of a "culture of dialogue and legality."

Phew. Just that. Ok, I can handle that. Culture of dialogue and legality. Sounds like something that a workshop run by OCP can handle in 3 days. And dialogue? I say, "Whatsamattah?" and then you say, "Fuggedaboutit" and I say, "Fangool!" and then we have pasta.  Scorcese could do as well!