Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At OU Methodist today....

The Oxford-University United Methodist Church has sponsored a "Lenten Luncheon" throughout the season. The theme for the luncheons has been "Who Influenced My Spiritual Life".
Curious to me are a couple things.
You'll note on the poster that there is a list of  "sister churches" of the Methodist church and includes ours. A few years ago, when Pope Benedict XVI was installed, the pastor of OU Methodist told me, "We used to be sister churches and now we're deficient churches!" This was a reference to the 2000 document "Dominus Iesus" by Cardinal Ratzinger (the name of the pope before he was bitten by a radioactive pope and doesn't work like that...darn) on the relationship of the Catholic faith to other religions. I think I said, amiably, "And before that you were 'separated brethren'". I think I said it amiably, that is.

Second curiosity. I note that they have had a bishop from the Episcopal Church and the bishop from the Methodist Church come talk but the representative of the Roman Catholic Church is Coach Mike Bianco. Well, I am sure there's a metaphor there somewhere. But instead of wearing the amethyst ring of a bishop, would Coach Bianco be wearing a....diamond? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA...get it? Diamond?? Bwahahahah..cuz it's baseball...and...
Coach Bianco representing us Catholics..making the Ozzy sign.
Y'all come out an support our not-the-bishop but really great speaker and benchwarmer on Sundays, Coach Bianco!
12:00pm today at OU Methodist.
And be nice to your sister.