Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Name Game

People are asking me all the time about why the new building is still incomplete on the exterior. What's missing?

 Well, to sate the curious, we're waiting on the big stone engraving that will give a name to this new structure*. Here are some ideas that I've toyed with:
1. Haha. It makes you say a funny thing.
2. How awesome would that be? Seriously! It's for kids and adults anyway so why not a cage match with Tina Turner all up in the mix...anyone...anyone?
3. Because the name would be as common as a household item.
4. So cool. But there really is no batcave. Or as far as you know.

*actually we are not waiting on any such thing. It's like some bendy shape thing that has to be molded. Going up now.