Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good Cheer tonight at 7pm -- Don't miss it!

Just a quick reminder that Good Cheer returns to The Library tonight at 7pm with Fr. Joe as our guest speaker. He'll talk about "The Labors of Lent" (how to do a heroic Lent) - the first of two back-to-back Good Cheer sessions on preparing for Lent.

Also, a very important reminder to all who plan to attend the Spring Retreat: Please turn in your sign up form(s) today. It's very important that you get them in by today if at all possible. You can drop them off in 359 Martindale (just leave them at the front desk for me), or at the St. John's parish office, or you can bring them tonight to Good Cheer.

If you can't, for some reason, get the completed form in by today but you want to go, please at least send me a quick email ( today with your name and t-shirt size, and we'll get the sign-up sheet from you later. We need to get our participant list submitted to Fran at Mississippi State tomorrow.

Thanks all!