Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Bad Breakfast after a Good Fast

Before I went to bed last night, I caught a commercial featuring the Lorax and a fox eating some very awesome looking ice-cream cone shaped breakfast food. Or I was delirious. No, it was a commercial. My deliriums NEVER involve the Lorax.

It was tempting since the restaurant is less than a mile from my home. But it being Ash Wednesday, I sucked it up, went to bed but resolved to tag that ice-cream cone thing in the morning. Early.

Woke up at 6:00am. Did all the morning things. Then remembered I have added some extras to my morning prayer. So that went long and then the hour fast was upon me. Celebrated Mass then went out for breakfast.

Catholic Trivia: The term "breakfast" has been associated with "breaking the fast". This morning meal was taken after Catholics had fasted either during a fast day or overnight before the Mass. The foods are traditionally those that are not to be eaten during fasts (eggs,milk, butter, sweet breads, meats). Eastern Orthodox and some Eastern European Catholics hold off those foods and have them blessed on Holy Saturday in anticipation of the big fast-breaker; Easter.

Num num
I decided not to go to the advertised Lorax place. My fasting had an itch that needed a big scratchin'. I had to have the hard stuff.So I went local and started with a keep-me-up-til-next-Wednesday coffee. Then I ordered. Grits with butter. Redeye gravy. Bacon. Thick bread with abundant swatches of grape jelly. With fruit on the side.
 It was big and bad. And so good.