Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm more religious than spiritual. I just don't like disorganized spirituality.

His name is Janus..haha
January! The great two-faced god Janus looks wistfully at the past while facing the future which may inspire many of us mere mortals to make resolutions for the new year. We have seen our past and want to change for the future. So we resolve.
We resolve to exercise. We resolve to go to church. We resolve to lose weight. We resolve to not drink. We resolve to give up cigarettes. We resolve to not butter the monkey. Resolve. Resolve. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeesolve.

Now some of us follow through. I'd suspect a small percentage but some actually do what we resolved to do.
Some actually try and decide, for whatever reason, it's not for us or just not working out. Off goes the spanx and on with the sweatpants. Done. Pass the mayonnaise.
Some....and this is to my point...some of us decide that if we were to keep our resolution, something must change. And what must change is EVERYTHING BUT THE PERSON HIMSELF!

Be free of all possession. Shop now.
And so, every turn of the year, I get a visit. From a seeker. One making A JOURNEY. One who wants to get back into Church BUT...the Church isn't making it easy on them. Y'see, the journeyer is more SPIRITUAL! They don't care for ORGANIZED RELIGION! They don't like the RULES! They just want to COEXIST! And have a bumper sticker to prove it.

1. We're all spiritual. Spirit is raw, untapped and untamed. Like the mind and body without discipline. As the mind must be trained by reading, thinking, logic, and problem solving and the body corrected through diet, exercise and training, the spirit has to be trained as well. It has it's own innate talent but needs training. It's like...well, let's's like Dexter.
Nunanannananananaah (Bionic man noise)
Ecce homo!* You see the sinewy determination, the primal strength and if you gaze long enough can even see the vapor trails emanating from his swift form.


But all that talent in the rough needs to be trained and honed. Tempered and tested. Tugged on by a big moustachioed man.
2. Religion is the trainer and proving ground of spirituality. It's the goal posts and the sidelines. It's the 2 minute warning and the call under further review. It takes that native energy and makes it fit for cooperation, corporation, selflessness and pursuant to a goal. It puts it on a team and sets boundaries which in turn draws admiration from others. Because to see talent exercised within the parameters of order is what packs stadiums. It is organized. It's organized spirits. It's a franchise!**
I believe a man can fly
To just watch a guy run unbridled, probably not gonna make the ESPN lineup. However, those who prefer their spirits to run free don't care who watches. So let those spirits run free. Stride with abandon.  Let the wind carry your feet! Text and drive! Rock on!

Spirituality without religion is this guy. Maybe EXACTLY like this guy. Nice speedos, Aquababy!

*which means "behold the man". Just wanted to clarify.
**Ok, so the whole excellence analogy fails with the Chiefs but you get the message.