Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fight for your rights to study!

USA Today reported that this year's freshmen class is more serious about studying and getting a good job than freshmen of the recent past.

Other statistics from the class of 2016 include:
•71% said they had taken at least one Advanced Placement course, up from 67.9% in 2009, and those who had taken five or more AP courses increased from 18.7% to 21.7% in that period.
•39.5% reported spending six or more hours a week studying or doing homework as high school seniors, up from 34.7% in 2009 and 37.3% in 2010. That figure has been inching upward since 2005, when a record-low 31.9% said they spent six or more hours studying.
•69.2% said they frequently took notes during class as high school seniors, up from 66.5% in 2009 and 67% in 2010. Also, 36.4% reported being frequently bored in class, down from 38.6% in 2009 and 39.2% in 2010. 

The report also says 4.4% less of them are partying than the freshmen class of 2009. That's a bit refreshing and hopefully good for our future. But, as a product of the 80's collegiate system, I must leave you with the words of Ogre-