Saturday, December 17, 2011

O: The Antiphon

Beginning today (December 17), the Church counts down the week toward the celebration of Our Savior's birth. Each day has a special acclamation attached to it that tells of the many roles Christ fulfilled in His coming. We call them the "O Antiphons" and you probably most likely have heard them all in one shot in the popular Christmas carol "O Come, O Come Emmanuel". Here's a sweet version of the song:

I was impressed with Youtube while digging up the "O"'s. Seems that some people have made just one antiphon per day so you can listen each day for a different antiphon. These antiphons, by the way, are also the Introits before the daily Mass (although not in the order in the chant) so you can double check on our (or youtube's) liturgical correctness!