Friday, December 16, 2011

Fungus Among Us

Ew. Looks likes something you'd see in a restroom off 55-S
" A communion wafer that fell to the floor at a South St. Paul church and turned blood red is not a miracle. Twin Cities archdiocese officials said Wednesday that the discoloration was instead caused by a fungus.

While the Catholic Church fully recognizes the possibility of miracles and remains open to their possibility, it does so with extreme scrutiny, investigation and care. This incident was the result of natural biological causes and should not be considered in any other way."

In seminary, a professor of Biblical studies told us to be cautious against Eucharistic miracles. He said that even though they may be compelling, he didn't see them as his Risen Lord. The Church herself warns the faithful to not make miracles a reason for believing. Jesus even said, "Blest are those who have not seen yet believe  (Jn 20:29)."

My life has been virtually miracle free. Well, as far as seeing anything miracle-y. I consider that to be a favor from God and not some kind of diss. At Our Lady of Lourdes, the nuns would tell the most gory tales of Eucharistic miracles and, personally, it creeped me out. I prayed God not send any apparitions, bleeding statues, hosts or walls or have anything burning yelling at me. I'll just pray, listen and obey. He, at least, held up his end of the bargain.