Monday, December 5, 2011


Well, the new Ole Miss uniform is cooler than State's "Hail State" uniform
 At 2pm today, in the Ford Center, Ole Miss' new head football coach will be introduced to Rebel Nation.

I have concerns.

I understand that we need a man with experience and can run a good offense but nothing is said of his reputation as a scientific genius, with a specialty in cryogenics. He employs an extensive array of cryo-weaponry in his driven quest, motivated by his grief and anger over the fate of his wife Nora. Due to the fact that his body has been permanently altered to survive at a sub-freezing state, he has to suit up in protective freezing armor whenever in an above-zero climate. For this, he's one of Batman's most fearsome foes. Sure he can take on Batman and Robin but can he put it to Arkansas or LSU? Riddle me that.

He also has a freeze ray and makes puns using ice-related words.

Hotty Toddy just got a little colder...muhahahahaha!

(Welcome, Coach Hugh Freeze!)