Friday, December 30, 2011

Family Pictures

This is the last sweet image you will see in this post
Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family. Usually (although not traditionally), this feast is celebrated on the first Sunday within the Octave (8 days) of Christmas. Sunday, however, is the first of the year which means we celebrate Mary, Mother of God. Her feast day, a Holy Day of Obligation, trumps the feast of the Holy Family. In such case, the Friday before the Sunday is reserved for the Holy Family. That's why we have it today. I know, sort of took me by surprise, too. I mean I got up and opened the Ordo and BAM! there it was. This. Morning. I think there should be some alert system for this. 
In honor of the many beautiful depictions of the first Christmas portrait, I give you the HOLY MAGOLY WHAT IN THE NAME OF FRESH HELL IS THAT FAMILY DOING? family portraits...
How come the dog is the only uncomfortable one in this pic?
Mom used Christmas as a cry for help during mid-life
This is why Santa smells like cough syrup
In a family of men, the mulleted one was called "Sugar"
"No, I'm just clumsy and if she hits me, I deserve it. Really."
Hey, Dad, this isn't time for the Facebook photo!

Merry Christmas, LSU!