Tuesday, November 15, 2011

St. Albert the Great Goes to College

St. Albert the Great
Today's saint is St. Albert the Great. As this biography on EWTN says, he was the teacher of "everything there is to know". He was one of the first people to attend a university (The University of Paris) and throughout his life, engaged theology with scientific knowledge. Notably, at this time, most universities were founded by Catholic religious orders and were positive about studies in mathematics, literature, the sciences and philosophy, among other things. The University of Paris has a long history with the Church and as the university developed, the Church encouraged growth by instituting structures, such as "tuition" and "rectors", that are common in most universities today.The Sorbonne (as the University of Paris is called) still exists as a cluster of schools in France.

Another graduate of the Sorbonne
The school has produced several saints such as St.Albert the Great, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Ignatius of Loyola among others as well as scientific pioneers (Marie and Pierre Curie), and innovators in the arts (Jean Luc-Goddard, Victor Hugo). Pope Benedict XVI also is graduate of the school as is birthday boy, Sam Waterston (insert "Law and Order" dun dun noise).

They do not have a football team, however. And rarely rank on the list of "TOP 10 PARTY SCHOOLS IN EUROPE".
How the French kids roll with their solo cups...