Wednesday, November 16, 2011

GOOD CHEER TONIGHT! Fr. Scott Thomas returns!

Tonight at Good Cheer, Fr. Scott Thomas returns! Come on out, grab a cold beverage, a bite to eat and enjoy an hour of Catholic bliss before heading back into the grinder.
Fr. Scott Thomas during his ordination to priesthood

This past weekend, I attended a conference on vocations sponsored by the diocese. Bishop Latino opened the meeting with a few anecdotes about his own call to priesthood and then some other priests spoke about theirs. The goal was to inform lay people on how to encourage vocations among men and women to the Church.

The point was made that when a priest tells you that he believes you may have a calling to priesthood, then that's a strong endorsement. So, who knows? Maybe tonight Fr. Scott will put the word on you!

Come on out to the Library off the Square and listen. You may discover your own calling! Directions here.

For more information on the vocations to the Diocese of Jackson, clicky clicky.