Thursday, November 10, 2011

And in Batman news...

Commit a whaaaa?
Batman tracks down a pervert. Not calling the kettle black but I think, in light of the recent media reports, our world can use a little more Batman.

Entrapment? Yeah, well, sure but the Batman doesn't run by the rules of civility. He's the DARK KNIGHT and a defender of the weak.

This guy thought he was going to find a young girl at a playground. Maybe he's smart enough to have seen "To Catch a Predator" and thought he'd at worst run into Chris Hansen. But NO ONE EXPECTS BATMAN. EVER!
Using his high tech skills, Batman posed as girl, found a creep, set up the date and then BAM! POW! he shows up and YELLS AT HIM. Then he announces to a flock of geese that the man is a pedophile. Totally would listen to the adult male on the playground in the early noon dressed in a Batman costume with the life-long smoker voice. Keeping it Gotham!


Of course, one can charge that Batman employs the use of a teenage boy in fairy slippers to fight armed thugs and has him living with him in a mansion with a secret cave underneath while all the while having the tacit encouragement of law officials. With an English butler and a fire-pole. Just saying.
Oh, it's ok. Superman is there, too.