Monday, October 24, 2011


If the witch problem were just a bunch of old white men with one black guy in the crowd claiming reverse discrimination and demanding rights, the sisters and missionaries of the Northeast MS territories would banish them like they do Republicans and rubrics.

Ah, gotta love October...
"An Angolan bishop has told the Fides news agency that witchcraft is one of the major challenges he faces in his ministry.
“Among our pastoral challenges there is the material and spiritual poverty of the population,” said Bishop António Francisco Jaca of Caxito, which is located in the northwestern part of the nation.
“As regards to the first, the territory of the diocese is largely rural, and the population lives on subsistence farming,” he said. “As regards to the second, the challenge is witchcraft and the spread of sects. Witchcraft is a cultural phenomenon that concerns the entire Country, and in Caxito it is largely practiced just like other parts of Angola.”
 Hey, Angola, we feel ya! Here in the great state of Mississippi in the US of A, we gots us a witch problem too! This is from the Deanery V minutes out of the home office in Tupelo.
 "We had a brief discussion about working with community members who believe they’ve had a “bruja” affect them or some other type of “curse.”  We need to think pastorally, but it was suggested that we ask what the person wants of us.  If it is within our pastoral realm/duties, go ahead and do it.  If not – like things like curanderos – people will have to look on their own for a resolution."

Seriously. Witches.