Monday, October 31, 2011


Some Evangelicals honor Jesus and indie band Ween tonight instead of Halloween
The other day I wrote about "JesusWeen" (snicker). The promoters of "JesusWeen" (giggle) said that the word "ween" means "longing for" (bwahahaha). Nice save.

It occured to me that maybe there was some confusion as to what Halloween means. It's very simple and very Catholic.
Hallow, a word made cool again by a certain wizard franchise,means "sanctified" or "holy". We use it in the "Our Father".."Hallowed by thy name" to signify the sacred name of God not to be mentioned. A classmate in Catholic elementary school once asked the sister if she can just call God "Harold" since we say "Harold be thy name". That girl went on to become nothing but trouble.

The next term is not "ween" (guffaw) but "e'en" which is a shortening of the word "evening" or better understood as "eve". You know how we do down Souf! Some folks still say, "Good e'en, howyamomnem?"
In liturgical practice, the evening before a Holy Day is considered part of that day. That's why we have Masses on Christmas Eve and vigils on "eves" for other Holy Days.

So, putting it all together "Hallow" + "E'en"= "Halloween". And, in case there was any wonder, that particular feast is strictly Catholic. It was the day before the great feast day where the faithful would honor the saints or the "hallowed". All Hallows Day which is tomorrow and as it happens, we have an honest ta' goodness vigil tonight at 5:30. (And 7AM and 12:10PM excuses!)

You can even come in a costume if you so choose.

No sexy nurse or naughty kitty costumes, please. But it would be totally lovely if you came as a ween....
Happy Hallo-Ween!