Thursday, October 13, 2011

Personhood Amendment -more

Dr Beverly McMillan, a Catholic and former abortion provider, testifies for the personhood amendment.
Last night at Good Cheer, someone asked Brad and I about the Personhood Amendment (Proposition 26) in relation to the Catholic vote. The amendment is on the November 8 ballot. Register to vote if you haven't!
Bishop Latino urges Catholic parishes to not promote Prop 26

The Bishop of Jackson made it clear that he was against any parish or pastor promoting the inclusion of an amendment. We covered it here.

So, now that it has been brought for a vote as a viable proposition, can a Catholic vote for the amendment?

Bishop Latino cautions that the vote may have damaging effects on the national effort the Bishops have been working on to federalize the rights of the unborn. His point is worth considering and, in deference to his status as chief moralist of the Diocese, obeying.

However, as many political issues go, there are other positions a Catholic may take. There is no moral "evil"  in voting for the amendment. There is a bit of evil in willful ignorance. Inform yourself of the vote and what it entails. There are several good sources of information out there to help make up your mind. On the against the proposition side, click here (and we got a shout-out..sort of). On the pro-amendment side, click here. Also, follow the debate on youtube.