Friday, October 14, 2011

In Blackest Night...

I've often wondered why Brad's article on the St. Benedict medal is SFC's most viewed post of all time. Now I think I know.
The St. Benedict medal and the flip side
I ain't afraid of no ghost. But prefer you get someone before me to handle it.
Even though November is a much more mysterious month with its association with the saints and the dead, October still has the pre-game warmup, Halloween. Which means for me, your lowly cleric, phone calls concerning possessions, hauntings and all-around spooky things going on.

Full disclosure, I believe that anything is possible. Ghosts. Poltergeist. Shadowpeople. All of it. Why not? It's a big world. So, yesterday, a young woman called me at the request of her professor. Her home is haunted. I told her that priests don't handle that sort of thing normally unless it's an evil spirit. I suggested the St. Michael Prayer. It has worked before. I also suggested speaking to the spirit. I figure that could help. And then gave her the number for the Natchez Paranormal Society. Personally, I find it cool our state has a ghost buster agency.

I told her that if need be, some holy water may be of help and I'd go out there myself if nothing else worked.

But before any of that...I strongly suggested she complain to the landlord. Always start with the normal before going to the paranormal! Holy water is potent but can't really chase off a thin wall or a leaky pipe.

The Exorcist Ring!
I then dug up some references to spiritual warfare online. And found out that holy water and St. Michael prayers were highly suggested. And the St. Benedict Medal! I then found out there's a St. Benedict exorcist RING! If only it came with a mask....

So that's it! Brad's article, very well done article is attracting the spiritually curious! The paranormal thing pulls in readers. Catholics are awesome with fighting ghosts and dragons and werewolves and stuff! Who ya gonna call? CATHOLIC CHURCH!

And...we just ordered a mess of St. Benedict rosaries and medals. Should be in just in time for Halloween.