Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GOOD CHEER tonight! Catholicism for...METHODISTS!

 Tonight at Good Cheer, Renee Moore will be our speaker. Renee is the wife of Catholic musician W. Keith Moore,  the mother of Wesley Moore and the daughter of popular Methodist minister and preacher, John Case. She is now Catholic and even makes rosaries. STURDY rosaries!
John and Charles Wesley, founders of Methodism
Wesley Snipes, vampire hunter (no relation)
Renee and her family converted to Catholicism several years ago after much prayer and thought. Growing up a preacher's kid has a strong hold. Find out what it was about Catholicism that got her. Bring a Methodist friend. Play Stump the Preacher's Kid!

Good Cheer is held at The Library off the Square at 7:00pm. Grab a drink and join us! Welch's Grape Juice may not be available (haha...obscure Methodist reference there).