Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Exorcists: I knew them when...

Hopkins gets to be creepy again in a movie. I 'member when he played St. Paul.
The movie, "The Rite" is on HBO now and, as usual, JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN!

A few friends have seen the movie and told me that it was pretty good and not what I'd expect. Still haven't seen it but did some Googling and found of my seminary contemporaries was instrumental in writing for the movie and is a honest-ta-God exorcist! Fr. Jeffrey Grob  in Joliet. Jeepers. You think you know someone.
Fr. Grob shows an inverted crucifx which can signify Satanic activity or being a fan of Atreyu.
We had like one course on Satanism in seminary. It was an elective. I didn't take it because it sort of attracted the guys who didn't wash their hair, wore footie pajamas in the evening and wore fedoras. Fr. Jeffrey wore a fedora but he, as far as I knew, didn't have dirty hair (or any!) and I have no idea what he wore to bed. Maybe a hairshirt.

Here's an article about him and his influence on the movie, "The Rite".

Fr. Lampert, after praying in Jesus name, suddenly realizes Jesus is right behind him...awkward!
Another contemporary of mine, Fr. Vincent Lampert, is on the circuit as an exorcist. He's in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. The Midwest sure has some occult issues!

So, that's two Mundeleiners of the 90's who went through courses in "history of how mean white men are to people" or "look how great you are!".They've dealt with the devil f'rsure! Fr. Lampert speaks to college audiences! Maybe one day we can have him here.

I'll have to ask if there's an "exorcism for 2nd halves of football games".