Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Catholic Identity

A poll that was released today by USA Today shows that Catholic identity is slipping. No big surprise there and, honestly, I sometimes wonder if we should be obsessed over the concept of "identity". Sort of a remnant of identity and race politics that were in such vogue in the 70's and sometimes show up when nothing else works to sway votes and sympathy.

But it is a bit alarming. Not surprising but alarming. Take a look at the handy-dandy graph (right).

At least the resurrection is still a priority to Catholic identity. It should be for all Christians. How the resurrection is understood may be shudder-worthy if we consider the teachings of the Vatican are held in low esteem. Of course, that may be that the teachings of the Vatican (or more correctly, the teaching of the apostles) are seen as "rules" and treated as silly by the priests and catechists ("catechists") over the past 40 years.

We're working on it here in Oxford. I'd almost fear if I handed out a poll to our parishioners. Still, Jesus tells us the gates of Hell can't prevail against the church and at the same time mused, "When the Son of Man comes back to the world, will he find any faith left ?"