Thursday, October 27, 2011

Book Club returns!

The famed and esteemed CCM Book Club will make it's long-awaited return today. We'll be reading The Little Flowers of St. Francis, a book full of small stories of lives, works, teachings and miracles of St. Francis of Assisi and his early followers. The book is a great (and fun) read, divided into short stories. 

Today we'll begin by talking about St. Francis and his impact on the Church, so you don't have to have the book or have read any of it to come. We'll be meeting at Highpoint Coffee (on North Lamar - just north of the Square, across from the Chancery Court Building) each Thursday afternoon at 1:30 to discuss the book. Feel free to join us and bring a friend!

The version of the book most of us will be reading (cover pictured above) is available on Amazon here. The ISBN number for the book is 978-1557257840. Of course if you already have or find another version of the book, that's fine.