Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Now this is how you rock a bear suit

Rebel, the Black Bear

I'm sick of this whole Forward Rebels* thing. And if they are so forward, why is the first "F" in the logo backward? Among other things, this group wants to restore Colonel Reb to the field and dispatch the bear. But Rebel the Bear is here now and we need to live with it. He's been paid for and out and about. But he doesn't have that swagger that's needed to take on a quasi-religious cult who have elevated a costume and a near show-tune to magical realism status. I mean, heck, we CATHOLICS don't even inspire as much superstition!

Bear Coat: $345.00
I say we ignore the haters. And support our new costume! Administration and Rebels, let's release the bear and let him get all straight grizzly on those whiners: Workaholics style!

B-- bettah have my honey! B-- bettah have my honey! Rinse and repeat!**

*I am not linking to that site because they don't need more "likers" who also like the Bible, The Blind Side and the Zac Brown Band. ENOUGH!
**for those offended at the language, please refer to the old, traditional, family-oriented Ole Miss chant "Hotty Toddy".