Monday, September 26, 2011

Memento Monday

Mondays, as office posters and Garfield the Cat tell us, are never pleasant. Even here at my office, it can get a bit hectic and nuts. And then I reflect on the four last things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell to center my focus. Oh sweet release! O kind fields of gentle rest!
And then, this comes from the internet.
Arch West, a former Frito-Lay executive and creator of Doritos, will be buried with the chips that made him famous.
The 97-year-old passed away in Dallas on Sept. 20, his family confirmed in a statement over the weekend.
West died of natural causes.
During the graveside service, his family has plans to toss Doritos chips in "before they put the dirt over the urn," West's daughter Jana Hacker told The Dallas Morning News.

If you want heavenly tasting Doritos, don't try these. They taste like feet.
I am not a big fan of theme-y or cutesy funerals. I put in my Will that I want to be buried with the strictest Catholic rituals and nothing novel. But, I gotta admire this. Here's to you, Mr. West. May there be onion dip in the hereafter and when this Monday ends, I'll lift a downy-cheese coated chip to you, sir!

But...may the Lord not look upon such transgressions as this unfortunate Doritos ad...