Thursday, September 8, 2011


In the future, everyone will wear snappy turtlenecks and pleather boots.
Not only is it Mary's Birthday but my geek sources tell me it's also the birthday of Star Trek. 45 years ago today, the USS Enterprise was broadcast on television. And with it, the nerd culture began. Mary gave us Jesus. Star Trek gave us greasy-haired, asthmatics who speak Klingon. You be the judge of which has impacted civilization more.

For a theological perspective, here's Fr. Carman, humanoid and ranking space official.

No, that wasn't awkward.

Well, as mentioned before, tonight for fitness and faith, meet up at Lamar Park for a Rosary Walk. A good way to pray and get the blood boiling. No one will mess with you, either. What you see at the park, stays at the park! Starts at the Pavilion at 6:30pm this evening. I may even show up. White legs and all.

Some cool dudes walking and rosary-ing
Live long and prosper.