Friday, September 16, 2011

Bishop Houck: Priest Forever!

My ordaining bishop, Bishop William Houck, will be celebrating his 60th anniversary as a priest today in Jackson.
Bishop Houck greets a parishioner at Saint Peter's Cathedral, Jackson

He was ordained by (Blessed) Pope John Paul II in May of 1979. He retired in 2003 from the active episcopacy (as required by the Church) and went to serve as president of the Extension Society until 2009.

Bishop Houck still arrives at work daily at the Chancery and makes himself available to celebrate Mass and the sacraments around the diocese. He resides in a private residence in the Belhaven area of Jackson.

The celebration takes place at St. Richard Church in Jackson at 6:00pm.

There's a facebook site set up for the occasion. And oddity of oddities, you can check out his autograph here. Maybe even write yourself a prescription for an ordination.*

*No. Don't.