Saturday, August 6, 2011

Homily Watch: How's Walking on Water explained?

When we last saw our Lord, he had just fed a vast multitude by performing the miracle of the loaves and fish. Which, of course, has been explained by some as Jesus inspiring the crowd to share what they already had.

This Sunday's Gospel (Mt 14:22-23), Jesus is seen on a raging sea and is walking on water. As a follow-up to the "sorta miracle if sharing stuff is miraculous" narrative, how did he manage to pull this one off? If the homlist said the miracle of the loaves was a trick of making people do nice things, how does this follow up? Or did Jesus pull one not-miracle-sorta-kinda and then do a full blown miracle?

Here are a few theories to ponder:
1. This just did not happen. The Gospels are full of little fanciful tales that make Joshua Ben Joseph out to be some super hero. We're much too smart for that!
2. Corn Starch!
3. Rick Ocasek MAGIC!
4. He did it. He really, really did it!

So, believers, what did you hear this weekend? Let me know!

An email came my way that I found interesting concerning the subject.
"The guy who originated the picnic basket theory--Heinrich Paulus--said the disciples were in very shallow water and Jesus was walking on the bottom."

Other than that, I suppose it's all quiet on the homiletic front.