Monday, July 18, 2011

Since we're all on a soccer kick...

(Bad pun intended)

Even though the US Women's team lost to Japan in the World Cup, we've got another soccer-related story to pass on.

Some of you might remember reading/hearing the story of Chase Hilgenbrinck (pictured at right), a defender for the New England Revolution. He was a rising star in Major League Soccer. Suddenly, he left his promising soccer career behind in 2008 to pursue a call to the Catholic priesthood.

At first, the sports world was all abuzz with his story. He was giving out interviews left and right and became quite famous for what many in the secular world saw as a foolish decision. But then, just as suddenly, he dropped out of public view. He stopped doing interviews and quickly disappeared from the news cycle. Here is an update on his story.

(hat tip to Fr. Matthew Simmons)